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A light heart lives long .( William Shakespeare,British dramatist )

豁达者长寿。 (英国剧作家 莎士比亚. W.)

Early to bed and early to rise,makes a man healthy,wealthy and wise .(Benjamin Franklin,American president )

早睡早起会使人健康、富有和聪明。 (美国总统 富兰克林. B.)

Teacher:Wht can fishes only live in the water?

Jack:Because there are lots of cats on the ground.cats on the ground.



"Professor,I did the best I could on this test. I really don't think I deserve a zero."

"Neither do I. But that's the lowest grade I'm allowed to give."



In the summer,we cleaned well at home on back home,back home,we went hiking,watching drama ...... two weeks later,we left home back to Shenzhen. Returned to Shenzhen,it is time that the homework.


English Humor英语笑话

1 Bring Papa

Teacher: For final exam this time,you can take your textbooks,your notebooks,your dictionary etc.,just as you do your homework as usual.

Frank: That sounds good. Then I can take my papa here.




2 Cat and crab

One day,a cat played near the lake. Suddenly,a crab clamped it. The cat is rather cross,it ran after the crab. After a while,that cat ran into the forest. A big brown spider making its net in the tree,the cat caught the big brown spider very fast,and the cat said to the big brown spider:" Did you think if you on the net,I will not know you? Yes,I still know you?!"




English Essay英文美文欣赏

Do you like autumn 你喜欢秋天么?

I do not know when,you fall softly on my red sweater,you put a flower as I have it? 不知什么时候,你轻轻地落在我鲜红的毛衣上,你把我也当成一朵花了吗?

Golden butterfly you! Whom you are dancing in it? Not smile flowers,grasses lost their luster. Oh,I see,you are in the garden that little daisy eyes. 金色的蝴蝶呀!你是在为谁而翩翩起舞呢?花儿没有了笑容,青草失去了光泽。哦,我明白了,你是在为园子里那眨着眼睛的小雏菊。

Golden butterflies,you are willing to pay my friend? Come! Flew into my books,accompanied by bright,I walked into the classroom金色的蝴蝶,你愿意和我交朋友吗?来吧!飞进我的课本,伴着我走进明亮的教室 。

Fall to,chrysanthemum opened. There are red,yellow,with purple,and white,very beautiful! 秋天到了,菊花开了。有红的,有黄的,有紫的,还有白的,美丽极了!

Do you like autumn? 你喜欢秋天吗?

My Hobbies

I have many hobbies,such as reading,skating,and watching TV. But reading is my favorite hobby. I like reading for three reasons. First of all,books introduce me to a new world,which is colorful and with no time and space limit,.Through reading,I can trace back to ancient Egypt,the cradle of human civilization. It can bring myself to the United states,a glamorous land I have been longing to visit.

Secondly,reading can improve myself by showing me a new horizon. In the past years,most of my knowledge has been obtained from books. I have learned from many people by reading about their ideas on science,politics,life and society. Thirdly,reading bridges the gap between my dream and my goal. In order to succeed in my career in the future,I must keep reading,thinking and practicing. Reading has become part of my life. I love reading,



My Family

I have a happy family,my father and my mother and I. My father is tall. He likes to wear a suit,and he is the most handsome in my mind. Father is very good-hearted. he not only love me very much,but also like other children in our corridor.

Mother is thin,white hair long. She is not only my mother,or my bosom friend。 She is not only my mother but also my bosom friend! We love each other and also call each other our nicknames. She likes watching Beijing Opera at free time. She says it’s good for her to keep young and it can make her relaxed.

I am a student in primary school. I study very hard and I am sure that a good performance in school is the best return for my parents,

My families are always doing what is best for me.They are always on my side.I love each person in my family. I love my sweet warm home.


1. 4年级主题为中国四大发明,5年级主题为“Halloween”

2. 作品纸张为8K纸(学校提供)

3. 作品图案鲜艳,图文并茂,内容丰富,形式活泼,英文书写用彩笔或黑色钢笔。

4. 每班挑选10份优秀作品,本周四上交。

5. 评奖:四年级一等奖10名、二等奖 30名。


6. 四年级将手抄报交给刘泽娟,五年级将手抄报交给赵红格进行评奖,周五前将名单发在群里,老师们根据获奖名单各自写自己任教班级的证书,周五发奖状。

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