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To Whom It May Concern:

It is my great pleasure to recommend Miss XX for further postgraduate study,as she was one of my best students in our department.

XX has entered the Department of Accountancy of Anhui University of Finance &Economics in September 2009. Her learning achievements have been very good among the students of department of Accountancy. I was the instructor of the econometric and accounting courses during the student's undergraduate studies and with the curricular and extracurricular interaction with the students,she made me deep impressed. When the first time I saw this student,she is a reserved,but diligent in thinking and she'd love to ask good questions. It can be found that she has a strong capability of independent thinking after the multiple conversations with her. For example,when teaching the course in econometrics,the student can be skeptical of the models in the book,and point out the imperfections. The student has a certain amount of scientific research ability,and she has been involved in the "Challenge Cup" Students' Extracurricular Scientific and Technological Works Competition and achieved excellent results. During the four years in the university XX has passed the CET-4 and CET-6 and has excellent achievements. And the CET-6 got 553 points. Besides,XX has got the National Computer Certificate II in 2011,and got first-class learning excellent scholarship two times during the university.

XX got an internship chance at an accounting firm in Anhui province in 20xx. She has learned a lot of knowledge outside books during the work. The work of the accounting firm include that the contents of a complete takeover of the debtor's property,seals and account books,documents and other materials. XX worked hard during the internship,and she always asked to the experienced predecessors when she encountered difficulties in the work. The student is good at thinking and able to learn by analogy. She can always listen to the proposals humbly which are put forward by others. Knowledge that she learned in school can be applied flexibly to the specific work to complete the tasks very well.





XX得到了一个实习的机会,在安徽省一家会计师事务所在20xx年她工作期间学到了很多知识以外的书籍。会计师事务所的工作,包括债务人的财产,印章和账簿,文件和其他材料的完整收购的内容。 XX努力在实习期间,她总是问有经验的前辈,当她遇到的工作困难。学生是很好的想法,并能举一反三。她总是能听,提出别人该建议虚心。知识,她在学校里学到的可以灵活应用到具体工作,完成任务非常出色。


Dear prof:

i take great pleasure in writing a letter of recommendation for dr. xx support his application for a postdoctoral position in your lab.

dr. xx is an outstanding graduate student working for the m.s. degree under my supervision. in my contact with him in the university,his creativity and attitude to research work gave me deep impression. he always proposed new ideas on his research and could resolve problems by himself,i was very satisfied with him.

xx has been working on molecular luminescence research about six years. as i know,most of his researches have been concentrated on bioanalytical chemistry in his master’s work,such as protein and nucleic acids assays etc. in these fields,dr. xx has strong background and research ability. he has and would be published several papers in international journals. i am often interested in reading his papers in publication and discussing with him. i am very appreciated of his research ability.

dr xx also possesses very fine character. he is a devoted research worker. he works on weekends. he is an honest and smart,reliable and responsible person,and is very cooperative too.

based on these qualities,i believe this young man will achieve greater academic success in his future work. therefore,i strongly support his application,and it would be greatly appreciated if you could give him your favorable consideration.

please feel free to contact me if i can answer any additional questions about xx. my address is as follows:

professor xxxx



我很高兴以书面形式推荐的医生的信。 XX支持他申请在实验室的博士后位置。

博士。 XX是一个优秀的研究生致力于为毫秒我的监督下度。在我与他在大学接触,他的创造力和态度研究工作给了我很深的印象。他总是提出他的研究新的思路和可以解决他自己的问题,我很满意他。

XX一直致力于高分子发光研究六年左右。据我所知,他的大部分研究都集中在生物分析化学在主人的工作,如蛋白质和核酸检测等,在这些领域,博士。 XX拥有雄厚的背景和科研能力。他已经和将发表多篇论文在国际期刊。我在读他的论文发表和与他讨论往往兴趣。我很赞赏他的研究能力。






Recommendation Letter

xxxxxxxx came from Koreaand studied in department of Chinese language and literature of TsinghuaUniversityduring the four years from 2005 to 2009. I am the professor of his Ancient Chinese course and also principal who manages the foreign students. We contact a lot with each other. Every time,he gets good examination results and he is the top in male students and belongs to the first 5% in the class. Because of this,he got the scholarship awarded byTsinghuaUniversity and Beijing Municipal Government for three times. These impress me a lot.

Jin Zhengmin is good at communication with students. During break time,he always discusses the puzzled problems met in class with the surrounding students and a warm and harmonious class atmosphere is formed under this circumstance. Except his studies,he also pays more attention to school activities and joins in such activities as Chinese-Korean communication association,etc held in school. He cooperates well with other students and successfully completes all kinds of activities in the association. During 2008 Beijing Olympic Games,Jin Zhengmin applied for joining in the Olympics volunteers as reporter of the news center to timely report the Olympic news information and accomplished the task. As such,he got the award of Best Volunteers by the Olympic Games association.

Jin zhengmin likes Chinese language and culture andChina’s political and economic situations very much. He has a strong interest in international relation issues. After graduation from university,Jin zhengmin leaved for Manhattan of America for learning English and at the same time,he chose economics and statistics,etc as his subsidiary courses. He always writes to me. During my cooperation research inHarwardUniversity,he specially wrote to me and talked that he wanted to continue his master course of international relations inAmerica. At that time,he was preparing for various courses learning before examination. During the three years learning probationary period,Jin Zhengmin made a rapid progress in English. I am very glad about his learning plan and persistent spirit. I would like to actively recommend him. I do hope he can successfully apply for a new university and then be admitted to realize his dream.

Recommended by:Professor & deputy director of department of Chinese language and literature ofTsinghuaUniversityDoctor XXX







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